What is TASKmanagement?

What is a TASK?
Cost effectiveness
How to engage a TASKmanager or a TASKgroup?

  • TASKmanagement is temporary assistance by hands-on executives, managers, top-specialists and consultants with substantial experience and a proven track-record.
  • TASKmanagers support you implementing new business opportunities and realising time-critical projects.
  • TASKmanagers act on contractual basis with flexible contracts, full time or part time, flexible hours, ...
    This compares favourably on a day to day basis with the cost of a permanent manager.
  • TASKmanagers focus exclusively on the task in hand and are independent of political in-house agendas.
  • TASKmanagers add external experience and points of view to your own expertise.
  • For temporary tasks TASKmanagers are more cost effective than selecting, growing and developing in-house resources.


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